Makeup Talk

Behind every beautiful celebrity there is a talented and experienced makeup artist working hard to ensure they look great every time their picture is taken. Your wedding or photo session is your moment in the spotlight and you should look and feel amazing. My approach to makeup is simply to create a flawless and personalised look that will enhance your natural beauty. The majority of brides simply want a more polished, glamorous version of themselves, and my job is to apply makeup on your big day that is perfectly suited to you.


Why should you hire a professional makeup artist?

You may know plenty of tips and tricks to apply your makeup for everyday wear, but you’ll find hiring a pro makeup artist is a critical for your wedding day or photo shoot. It takes an artful eye to see the potential and enhance the beauty in each face.

A professional also understands how makeup works in different settings and can tailor your look depending on the location, lighting conditions and even the time of day your event will be held.

Makeup artists also have an arsenal of products in their kits used to create a variety of desired looks.  Their products are of a higher quality and mostly waterproof, making them suitable for HD film and TV, and meaning they will last all day and you will still look flawless.  

Education and experience are also important, and it’s good to have a professional lend their expertise on a day that is both exciting and emotional. They will take more time and care in applying makeup than you would at home. Makeup artists also travel to you, and work efficiently to ensure that you look fabulous and are ready for your photos with time to spare.