LIBERATED HEART ft. Sasha & Jamaal


Here’s the story of two young, wild and free festival lovers, finding their way to Splendour in the grass, dressed in ‘Liberated Heart’.

LABEL: Liberated Heart

ART DIRECTON STYLING: Ainsley (Sticks and Stones Agency)

MODELS/LOVERS: Jamaal & Sasha 

POTOGRAPHY: Troy Freyee (Freyee Photo) 



Splendour in the Grass is less than 1 week away... The begining of the festival season has almost begun! What better time to express your inner creative and go wild! You can wear what you want, let loose and dance like a crazy woman! Festival time is really the one time where we can get away with whatever we like... 

The hippy culture and Woodstock reborn - Splendour in the grass. Fashion is known for repeating itself... For awhile there it was flower crown headpieces that became so popular for the festival goer, now it's glittering, gypsy fairies that are so on trend right now! 

Festival makeup can be tricky, Im sure that you will all agree, it’s pretty hard to perfect your winged eyeliner when you’re on day 3 of splendour bender and can barely see straight! I feel you girlfriend... So here’s the solution: Easy, 5 minute festival makeup you! 

The Inspiration behind this this look was the colours and holographic tones in the Liberated Heart designs. In this look we’re embracing our inner fairy/gypsy. The makeup is simple, minimalistic, it’s all about that subtle contour and highlight! I like to call it raw glamour! Perfect for those festival vibes! Check out the full instructions below to recreate your own desired festival look! Have fun and good luck girls!

(Upload a photo of your Splendour festival makeup look, #mirandaemblemmakeup and I will repost the best photo! Winner will receive a makeup hamper Giveaway valued at $300!) 


* Hydrating moisturiser - SPF/Primer

* Foundation

* Lite setting powder 

* Bronzer 

* Highlighter 

* Mascara 

* Glitter/ glitter glue

* Eyelash glue

* Stars 


  1. It's going to be a longggggg day so you are going to want your makeup to last! Apply hydrating moisturiser or primer to bare cleansed skin. (If possible use a product that contains SPF sunscreen, a product I love is the moisturiser by Skinstitut, but whatever you feel comfortable with) Keep in mind the weather. Festivals in summer can sticky and in winter your skin tends to be more dehydrated which can cause makeup to become flakey and crack. So make sure that you are using something nice and hydrating!
  2. Apply Foundation 
  3. Set your foundation with a powder, this will stop your foundation from moving and sliding during all of those crazy moves in the mosh pit! It will also reduce oil and shine.  
  4. It’s time to add some contour and enhance those amazing features! Apply bronzer to cheek bones, jaw line and temples of the forehead add colour and bronze.
  5. Highlight time! Add some shine to those cheek bones! Apply a little highlight on the top of your lip, (cupids bow) and tip of the nose which will enhance those pouty lips and give you that dewy, radiant glow. If you don’t want to take your highlighter, run your lipgloss along your cheekbone and blend for instant shine!
  6. Grab your eyeshadow, and apply over the lid. Get as fancy or as basic as you like. My favourite colours for this look are metallic – you can't go wrong with silver, gold, or neutral tones! For the liberated Heart shoot I even added a hint of purple, so be as bold and creative as you wish! 
  7. Mascara! Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes!
  8. Glitter time! Glitter face glue is the best and easiest to use though be mindful that over applying can lead to cracking so don't be to heavy handed! Glitter gels are available from most craft shops in the face paint section. If you don't have the glitter glue, you can grab your clear lip-gloss, apply around the eye or desired area, sprinkling and lightly pat glitter over the top with your fingers. (Remember the more sticky the gloss, the better!
  9. Now the fun part... STARS! Apply eyelash glue to the base to the sequins and add the sequins one at a time to achieve your desired look. (Be mindful, lip-gloss or glitter face glue will not be strong enough to hold your stars and they will end up falling off which is not a good look!) 
  10. Top off your look with your fav lip colour or gloss, neutral tones are always a great option that tends to suit everyone! 

Miranda xx